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Adverb adalah kata keterangan. Adverb menerangkan bagaimana, kapan, atau dimana pelaku (subject) melakukan sesuatu (verb).

Adverb of Time

  • Now
  • Soon
  • Still
  • Then
  • Today
  • Yet
  • We will soon be there
  • She is still in bed
  • He doesn’t understand yet

Adverb of Place

  • By
  • Down
  • Here
  • Near
  • There
  • Up
  • He lives near me
  • Bill is upstair
  • She stood in the doorway

Adverb of Manner

  • Bravely
  • Happily     usually
  • Quickly     adj+ ly
  • Hard
  • She dances beautifully
  • They speak English well

Adverb of Frequency

  • Always
  • Never
  • Occasionally
  • Often
  • Twice
  • They sometimes stay up all night
  • He often walks in the morning

Adverb of Degree

  • Fairly
  • Almost
  • Rather
  • Very
  • Too
  • Quite
  • He drives too fast
  • Tom is fairly clever
  • I walk fairly fast, but Ann walks rather slowly
  • The bottle was quite empty

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