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Simple Past Tense

Simple Past Tense digunakan untuk menyatakan kejadian yang terjadi di masa lampau (sudah terjadi). Dalam Simple Past Tense kita mengunakan Verb (kata kerja) kedua/ V2.

Sama seperti simple present tense, simple past tense juga dibagi menjadi 2 bentuk, yaitu:

1. Tobe/nominal sentence => kalimat yang merupakan pernyataan

2. Verbal sentence => kalimat yang mengandung kata kerja (melakukan sesuatu)


To be/Nominal Sentence

Verbal Sentence



S + Tobe (Was, Were) + O

I, he, she, it = was

You, we, they = were


* The train was ten minutes late.

* They were my favorite friends.

S  + Verb 2 + O


* I bought this car in Jakarta.

* I went to the cinema last night.

* He left the office an hour ago.



S + Tobe + not + O

was not = wasn’t

were not = weren’t


* She was not (wasn’t) angry with me

* You were not (weren’t) my relative

S + Did + not + Verb I + O

Did not = didn’t


* We did not (didn’t) like oranges

* I did not (didn’t) know his name

* The teacher didn’t come in

(jika sudah ada did, bentuk Verb akan kembali ke bentuk awal / Verb 1)



Tobe + S + O ?


* Was he your friend?

Answer:   – Yes, he was

– No, he was not (wasn’t)

* Were they good people?

Answer:   – Yes, they were

– No, they were not (weren’t)

did + S + Verb I + O ?


* Did you forget my name?

Answer:   – Yes, I did

– No, I did not (didn’t)

* Did he study at his room?

Answer:   – Yes, he did

– No, he didn’t


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