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image Opinion

1. Asking for someone’s opinion

  • What do you think about …..?
  • What’s your opinion of …..?
  • What about ….?
  • What would you say to …..?

2. Giving opinion

  • I think it’s a good idea.
  • Well, I must say …..
  • Don’t you think ….?
  • I’d say …..

3. Saying no opinion

  • I don’t know
  • I have no idea about it


A : “What do you think to go swimming next Sunday?”

B : “I think it’s a good idea!”

C : “Well, I don’t know, I’ll go with you or not”

image Like and Dislike


  • I like/love …
  • I (really) enjoy …
  • I do like/love …
  • I’m (really) very fond of …

2. Dislike

  • (i’m afraid) I don’t like …
  • I (really) hate …
  • I can’t bear …
  • I can’t stand …



(+) I really like this apple pai

(+) She likes playing tennis on Sunday

(-) I do not (don’t) like/dislike this apple pai

(-) She does not (doesn’t) like/dislikes playing tennis on Sunday

(?) Do I really like this apple pai?

(?) Does she really like playing tennis on Sunday?


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