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Modal adalah bagian dari auxilary yang berfungsi sebagai kata kerja bantu yang memberi arti tambahan pada suatu kalimat. Modal selalu diikuti kata kerja bentuk pertama (V1).

Kind of Modals



Can Dapat, bisa –    I can carry this box by myself.

–    Can I borrow your book?

–    You can take my car today.

Could Dapat, bisa, mungkin –    It could be rain (mungkin)

–    It could be rid of if you don’t fasten it (dapat)

May / Might Mungkin (tidak yakin) –    He might have been very busy.

–    Ramina may be able to help you.


Harus (untuk saran) –    Henry should study tonight if he wants to get a good mark.

–    Karina should go on diet

Harapan –    My check should arrive next week.

–    It should be a better day


Harus (mengharuskan untuk terjadi/mutlak). –    George must call the doctor now, his condition is getting worse.

–    An automobile must have gasoline to run

Kesimpulan logis –    John’s light is off. He must be asleep.

–    The grass is wet. It must be raining.


Sekelompok kata yang mempunyai arti hampir sama dengan modal di atas:

©      Can/could             = to be able to

©      May/might           = perhaps, probably, possibly, possible, probable, presumably

©      Must                        = have to

©      Should                    = had better, ought to, to be supposed to



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